First Dog on the Moon and the Adani Coal mine


The Adani coal mine is such an interesting and devastating intersection of so many different human rights ideas. In no particular order:

  • Does human rights have a role to play in discussions concerning climate change? Should it?
  • Is it morally acceptable for the government to be proposing lending public money to a corporation with such an awful environmental and human rights record?
  • Does the creation of a contested number of jobs justify building this mine? What about all of the people whose jobs rely upon the Great Barrier Reef?
  • Providing energy to impoverished people in India seemed to be one of the justifications for the Adani mine that touched upon human rights. What impact does this have? Should providing electricity to people trump the other human rights and environmental concerns?
  • How much of this decision is being guided by evidence based policy and how much is being guided by uncompromising ideology?
  • What is the most effective way to have an impact on this issue?

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